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Serrekunda, Gambia

In late winter 2016 I went to The Gambia, then Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ivory Coast and Ghana. There where some difficulties, like the Ivory Coast / Guinea and Liberia land border closed (open now 2018), some shootings while staying in Bamako and terrible road conditions in Guinea. Western Africa is not a easy place.large_DSC03363.JPGlarge_DSC03359.JPGlarge_ade341f0-5039-11e8-a1b5-0363ba2b0bde.JPGlarge_adce5a60-5039-11e8-9e2e-4f626749ee0d.JPG
It was a difficult start, I was in Berlin collecting different visa when I got on the 20.2.2016 a mail from my airline that my plane is now on the 22.2. instead of originally the 25.2. 2016. I just managed to rebook everything (except a Australian run hostel in Lyon).
I went for a few days to the beach in Serekunda staying at the Gambia YMCA, quite convinient, i case you come overland by car the Camping Sukuta & Lodge is the better choice. I i still had to get the visa for Sierra Leone (most visa i got quite fast in Berlin but the Sierra Leone embassy there was rather unfriendly, but qick and friendly in Gambia). large_ad05da40-5039-11e8-9e2e-4f626749ee0d.JPGlarge_DSC03329.JPGlarge_DSC03372.JPGlarge_DSC03346.JPGlarge_DSC03318.JPG

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Tambacounda, Senegal

large_DSC03377.JPGlarge_DSC03381.JPGlarge_DSC03378.JPGlarge_DSC03388.JPGI did then take a shared taxi (Taxi Brousse) to Kaolak and on to Tambacounda, the road was quite good. At the road via Kolda have been at that time some problems and no driving allowed after dark.
After a bit of rest had then a very long journey in a Taxi Brousse, was supposed to take 20 hours but did take 36 hours because the car had a problem and one driver except for a 4 hour break going to Conakry.

We arrived in Conakry in the late night, I was a bit worried about finding a accommodation but one of the passengers offered me to stay the rest of the night in his place.

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Conakry, Guinea

large_fc20f130-503b-11e8-a1b5-0363ba2b0bde.JPGlarge_DSC03458.JPGlarge_DSC03439.JPGlarge_0ecd53b0-503b-11e8-a1b5-0363ba2b0bde.JPGlarge_DSC03441.JPGlarge_0d96f690-503b-11e8-9e2e-4f626749ee0d.JPGlarge_DSC03442.JPGAfter that very long trip I had some days walking around and sightseeing in the town and getting a visa for Mali (easy and fast in Conakry).
I got then a unexpected problem with the local police, was having I Eclair and a coffee in a nice coffee house and made a picture of it. Unfortunately I didn't see a police man sitting somewhere near it and was arrested. They wanted to confiscate my camera, wanted to get some substantial amount of money and finally oneescorted me to my accommodation (the Catholic Mission) to see my passport. I got my camera back and didn't pay anything.

Because the border from Liberia and Guinea to Cote d'Ivoire was closed i went later from Ganta, Liberia through a impressive jungle to Nzérékoré and then to Kankan with some nice Art Deco buildings from the French and then via Bamako, Mali to Cote d'Iviore.

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Freetown, Sierra Leone

large_50991670-503c-11e8-a1b5-0363ba2b0bde.JPGlarge_DSC03481.JPGlarge_DSC03490.JPGlarge_4e582720-503c-11e8-a1b5-0363ba2b0bde.JPGlarge_DSC03487.JPGThe next day I went by Taxi Brousse to Freetown, a comparativly easy trip. Arriving there some passenger gave me a lift to the hotel I wanted to stay. The Central Guesthouse was reasonable and quite nice, but the water as well as the electricity was quite often off. Only the expensive beach hotels have their own water and power systems. I looked the next day to the beach, instantly a hooker jumped at me, and followed me for over 2 kilometres walking on the beach. Didn't see there a hotel for less then 100 Dollars.
If you have a bit time the Sierra Leone National Museum next to the Cotton Tree in Siaka Stevens Street is small but quite interesting: sierraleoneheritage.org
After 2 days i went in direction to Liberia, first by bus on a good road to Kenema, had to stay there overnight, then on a terrible road with a 4 wheel drive to the border.

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Monrovia, Liberia

large_DSC03516.JPGlarge_DSC03535.JPGlarge_DSC03524.JPGlarge_DSC03529.JPGlarge_DSC03518.JPGDSC03519.JPGlarge_DSC03525.JPGlarge_DSC03533.JPGlarge_DSC03534.JPGThe road from the border to Monrovia was good but the cheapest place I found was 40 Dollars per night.

Originaly i had planed to go by way of Ganta to Cote d'Ivoire, but that was not possible, the border was closed. Got first asked for a substancial bribe, but it was then still not possible.
Ganta is not the most exciting place, mainly a stopover for crossing the border. If you have for some reason a bit time to kill, make an excursion to Senniquellie the founding place of the Organisation of African Unity (1959 the presidents of Liberia, Guinea and Ghana met in Sanniquellie and started talks to establishing the OAU).

It must have been in the nineteenfifties a real showcase town with the Queen's Theatre, Public Market, Presidential Palace a in that time super modern Petrol Station, etc., much of it is falling apart (petrol pumps replaced by bottles with petrol...).
Get there by shared taxi from Ganta.

I stayed at a hotel close to the Guinea border.

I did take then a shared taxi to Nzérékoré in Guinea.

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